The Texas Center for District and School Support (TCDSS) serves as a coordinating point for statewide school improvement initiatives of the Texas Education Agency. As part of Texas Initiatives located at the Region XIII Education Service Center, the TCDSS coordinates and leverages statewide technical assistance services to support districts and schools meeting required performance standards under both state and federal accountability systems. Additionally, the TCDSS leads and manages a number of grants and special projects for the Texas Education Agency focused on building statewide capacity for school improvement to ensure all students graduate career and college ready.

ESEA Flexibility Waiver Information: Information for Focus & Priority Schools

For resources and information on the ESEA flexibility waiver and the required interventions for priority and focus schools, please click here.

Click here to access the ESEA Waiver Priority Schools Training Resources

ESEA Waiver Priority Schools Summer Training Registration

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Trainings will be held in Austin, Texas. Registration will be open on April 1, 2014 via Region 13’s E-Campus system.



Only one session per campus needs to be attended. Since the training will be a working session, campus teams should attend the same session. Those required to attend from each campus are the DCSI and the Principal with the option of two additional participants per campus.

ESEA Waiver Priority Campuses
Sessions Arrival Date Summer Training Dates Workshop ID #s
Session P1 June 1 June 2 SP1429556
Session P2 June 2 June 3 SP1429557
Session P3 June 6 June 7 SP1429558
Session P4 June 9 June 10


Session P5 June 19 June 20 SP1429560
Session P6 June 26 June 27 SP1429563

Important Dates

  • Submit Targeted Improvement Plan to ISAM by October 31st