Texas Center for District and School Support: Building capacity and relationships for continuous improvement in education.

Who We Are

The Texas Center for District and School Support (TCDSS), in collaboration with numerous statewide partners, serves as a coordinating point and support for district and school improvement for both the state and federal accountability.

Who We Serve

The TCDSS serves districts and campuses in the state of Texas that are underperforming according to federal and/or state accountability systems. In addition, TCDSS serves turnaround technical assistance teams across all 20 regional Education Service Centers (ESCs), the Professional Service Provider Network and select departments and divisions of the Texas Education Agency (e.g., Accreditation, State Initiatives, etc.).

Why We Do What We Do

The purpose of TCDSS, in collaboration with the Texas Education Agency (TEA), is to create a network among all 20 Education Service Centers (ESCs) and Professional Service Providers (PSPs) to provide campus and district support based on the Texas Continuous Improvement Framework. TCDSS builds capacity and relationships for continuous improvement across Texas.

What We Do

  • Build capacity at all levels of the state education system.
  • Coordinate and align funding to increase the impact of school improvement efforts.
  • Collaborate with the system of 20 regional ESCs to strengthen local district and school improvement services.
  • Evaluate the current state of technical assistance services available to underperforming schools.
  • Provide training and professional development for school improvement leaders, Professional Service Providers (PSPs), and district personnel.
  • Develop technical assistance tools and resources to support the turnaround work of the system of regional service centers and school improvement professional service providers.

Why Our Work Matters

  • Aligns and creates synergy with the resources devoted exclusively to building capacity for continuous improvement.
  • Streamlines the delivery of state and federal assistance to underperforming schools.
  • Creates innovative programs and practices to support school and district improvement.