Texas Education Leadership Institute

The campus principal has a direct and indirect effect on student achievement. By increasing the skills of campus leaders, student achievement will be increased. TELI’s purpose is to enhance the leadership expertise of building principals.

Goal: School leaders are often overwhelmed, underprepared, and isolated. The goal of the Texas Educational Leadership Institute (TELI) is to provide resources, training, and support to build the capacity of campus leaders to be effective in supporting their school’s efforts to increase student achievement.

    The Texas Educational Leadership Institute will provide resources and training, as well as a venue for collaboration among the leaders of Texas’ schools that will build the capacity of schools to raise student achievement and sustain gains.

    To create a supportive network among leaders of Texas schools, providing resources and training to increase leadership effectiveness that is reflected in higher student achievement.

    Apply for the TELI 2017 Grant

    Applicants (for Cohort Two) should complete the application and the two questions. They must also check the box that serves as their signature and the aditional box that indicates their superintendent’s support of their application. Completed applications may be emailed, faxed, or mailed to deborah.brennan@esc13.txed.net

    Cohort I Summer Training

    We will be able to offer extended training and coaching for the first TELI cohort! Based upon the needs expressed on your initial application, we are putting together speakers to support and challenge your current practices around teacher development, recruitment, and retention. Opportunities will be embedded to reconnect with your colleagues from last summer. Learn more

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