MAPSS (Mapping a Pathway to Student Success)

MAPSS is a data-driven process aligned to the Texas Continuous Improvement Framework which provides school districts and campuses with a comprehensive, objective analysis of the current state of the school and its ability to meet the needs of the students it serves.
This service provides a comprehensive campus review process designed to effectively inform improvement, strengthen strategic planning efforts, and stimulate sustainable change. MAPPS ultimately generates a straight forward, user-friendly report providing recommendations and resources targeted to meet the needs of individual schools.
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Leadership Coaching

Through leadership coaching, you can dramatically improve the quality of your professional life through building highly effective communication skills, learning effective leadership skills, using self-reflection as a tool for developing professional goals and action plans, and celebrating and appreciating your current successes as a leader.
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Behavior Event Interview (BEI)

BEI’s are used in the recruitment, selection, and development of principals uniquely competent to serve in the role of principal or assistant principal on a turnaround campus. The goal of the Behavior Event Interview (BEI) process is to capture and understand in detail how principals, assistant principals and teacher leaders perform various aspects of their work to assess readiness for the work of a turnaround principal or teacher leader.
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Advancing Improvement in Education (AIE) Conference

The AIE Conference focuses the work on an immediate call to action to advance improvement in Texas education. The programming of AIE addresses campus, district, and statewide needs, with a focus on connecting leaders to inspire accountability, innovation, and possibility for school improvement through partnerships and research-based best practices. Through a variety of opportunities, participants will leave the conference with lasting experiences, research-based insight, and tangible strategies to help advance improvement in education.