District/Campus - Campus Turnaround Planning Training

February 11th - February 12th

The purpose of the 2016 Campus Turnaround Planning Turnaround Training is to:

  1. Enhance understanding of the role support systems play in the school improvement process
  2. Learn how to identify a systemic root cause
  3. Gain knowledge on campus turnaround research and how to build a comprehensive, long term plan for improving campus outcomes

Begin 8:30 AM

Introduction and Overview
Systems Thinking
Lunch 11:30 am

  • The purpose of this section is to discuss the agenda and goals for the day, as well as establish the context for the training.
  • The purpose of this section is to address how this work is different, why systems thinking is imperative, and establish a common understanding of what we mean by a system.

School Turnaround: A 3 Step Process
Action Planning

  • The purpose of this section is to outline a process for launching the school turnaround efforts.
  • The purpose of this section is to develop an action plan for completing the 3 Step Process.

End 4:30 PM


Region 13 (Live Stream)

5701 Springdale Rd.

Austin, TX 78723